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Primrose is our beautiful 25 lb Miniature Poodle. She is AKC registered and comes from a long line of Red Poodles. She has been extensively DNA and Health tested and passed everything with flying colors. Prim is a super athletic dog that loves to run and play. She is extremely smart and quick to learn. She is a great mother and has produced the most beautiful Ruby/ Red Cavapoos you have ever seen. Next litter due January 2023

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Bianca is our very sweet 30 pound Mini Bernedoodle. She was brought in from a breeder in Michigan. She has had extensive health and DNA testing. She is a perfect Tri-colored dog with the most vibrant bushy brown eyebrows and accents you have ever seen!  We chose her because of her loyal temperament and beautiful coloring. Bianca loves to be with her family wherever they go. She loves to go camping, hiking, kayaking, fishing, or just for a walk down to the local park. Bianca loves to cuddle. She never misses a chance to snuggle up next to her family on the couch. Next litter is due January 2023.


Arabelle is our Chocolate Miniature Poodle. She is AKC registered and has passed all her DNA testing. She is a smart, fun, athletic dog that loves to play. She weighs about 18 lbs. She produces several colors including red, apricot, chocolate phantom, tri-color, and black and white. Her next litter of Cavapoos is due March 2022. 

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